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Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

11094 Garcia Ooooh Sang to Richard Garcia
11104 Sing When Your Winning Sang to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.
11131 Tell The Board That We'll Be There.... New Tigers chant
11384 Peter Halmosi For the tigers winger
11393 Who The F*** Are Man United man utd
11398 We've Scored More Goals Then U've Got Stands Sang to Bournemouth many years ago when city scored 4 and they only had three stands.
11628 Whos That Team Call Hull City? sounds good
11695 We All Hate Leeds Scum Simple but effective; tells them Leeds lot what we think of em Playlist
11720 Stand Up If You've Got A Job Sung at Liverpool
11852 In The Town Sang all the time
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11935 Brownio Sung at Wembley
12029 Myhill In The Middle Of Our Goal Sang to our goalkeeper boaz myhill
12136 Frazier Campbell Had his best years at Hull, his goals took us up Playlist
12181 We've Done It Before Could be sang at Arsenal
12220 Just Like A Library Sssshhhhhhhhhh..... Playlist
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