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38 Brighton Músicas & amp; Cantos de futebol

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.

2268 We're The Right Side Brighton Boys Classic, when we're away taking the p*ss Playlist
2771 Craig Mackail-Smith Sung to tune of Just Can't Get Enough, for our mighty striker Playlist
3568 We're The West/ North Stand Sung in the new, wonderful AMEX Playlist
3920 W*nker Obviously not keen on this lad on the pitch! Playlist
4434 In Your Northern Slums Michelin star vermin Playlist
4512 One Job In Yorkshire Having a go at our Northern 'friends' Playlist
4630 Stand Up If You Can't Sit Down Brighton larfs... Playlist
4884 We Licked your stadium Ed: Don't really get this- if anyone does, let us know in comment box- thanks Playlist
4961 Brighton And Hove Albion Don't wear it out... Playlist
5028 One Nil To The Nancy Boys Yep, we can laugh at ourselves... Playlist
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5218 Posh Spice Thanks to Kevin for letting us know the correct lyrics on this Playlist
5376 Leonardo Ulloa One for the Argentinian striker... Playlist
5515 2 Nil Still Don't Sing Still no noise and 2 nil up Playlist
5526 One Robbie Savage For our ex midfield battler Playlist
5586 Go Left Go Left Sung By 'The Judge' in north stand and Away games Playlist
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