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22 Chesterfield Songs & Football Chants

The Spireites chant their way to the top

215 10 Men, We'Ve Only Got 10 Men Sang to the opposition when we're beating them with 10 men
469 All Hate Mansfield Clap your hands if you hate The Stags!
475 One Dave Allen Funny chant taking the p*ss out of Sheffield Wednesday's hatred of the man Lista de reprodução
575 We Can See you Holding Hands Havin a go at the sailor Seagulls!
579 1-0 Up And You Still Won't Sing Lazy buggers
586 We Hate Yorkshire Dirty bloody Inbreds... Lista de reprodução
621 She Fell Over Funny classic sung to a soft player falling over...
810 Who Ate All The Pies? Funny song sung to lard lad
1118 Yer Goin Down To The Mansfield Chesterfield hate The Stags
1124 Sheridan's Barmy Army Cricket song come football chant sung by CFC Lista de reprodução
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1174 You Fat Bast*rd Sung at a fat player
1201 Tracksuit From Matalan 'avin a go at the keeper for his crap tracksuit
1236 W*nker, W*nker Sung to someone we don't like Lista de reprodução
1630 You're Not Fit To Referee Crap ref....again
1668 We Hate Dee Dahs Don't like Wednesday! Lista de reprodução
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