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204 Clyde Músicas & amp; Cantos de futebol

The bully wee gypsy army getting rowdy

11938 Oh The Clyde Bus It's wonderful! Playlist
15433 We Are Clyde The best
15657 Chrissy Higgins Yass Chrissy boi
15807 Who's That Team They Call The Clyde Taking them all on
16105 The Song Of The Clyde Come on the Bully Wee
16466 1,2,3 Classic!
16520 Shawfield Flag ShawfieldFlag
16672 Ginger Hair Is Unacceptable Sung to Celtic coach, Neil Lennon
16757 Shave Your Hair Off For The Clyde The latest fundraising idea for Clyde!
17101 Shawfield Boys, We Are Here! Sung on away days, letting them know the SSEB are in town!
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17491 We Are The Famous Bully Wee C'mom the Bully Wee
17510 We Want Raff Who needs John Brown? Raff for manager.
17770 Alan Lithgow Chant perv
18486 Hark Now Hear The Clyde Sing Hear us sing!
18812 Forever And Ever No matter what happens.
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