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115 Colchester Songs & Football Chants

The 'U''s sing it loud and proud in Essex

1487 Der Col U A great Colchester United chant to sing, gets the crowd going. Great Col U ringtone. Lista de reprodução
6847 Off, Off, Off Chanted to infuence the ref to send the player off. Lista de reprodução
9423 Hark Now Hear Sung when Colchester are beatin Southend.
9473 Jingle Bells Sung when Colchester are winning away at Christmas time
9863 U's Are Going Up To the tune of Baby give it up, (sung when the U's are going up)
10263 We All Follow We all follow
10273 I Can't Read Sung to the Ipswich
11255 Barside Barmy Army Barside Barmy Army
11277 United! (clap) Old chants are the best chants. Lista de reprodução
11904 We Can See You Sneaking Out sung at away fans leaving early when losing Lista de reprodução
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13463 Okonghue My Lord Magnus Okonghue is a beast :)
14332 Its Nice To Know Its nice
14536 F*ck Off Ipswich FC Sang by Col U fans wen they're against Ipswich
14703 You Are My Col U to the tune of You Are My Sunshine
15232 Come On Col U Gettting behind the lad's for Colchester. Lista de reprodução
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