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81 Darlington Songs & Football Chants

Darlo fans showing their religion

2772 Darlington FC Still the greatest team around. Great ringtone Lista de reprodução
2901 We Are Darlington We are, we are Lista de reprodução
2907 B*stard Chanted to anyone we don't like Lista de reprodução
3309 Long Way For Nothing A Wret Hikes.
3867 There's Only One Carlton Palmer Sung at Mansfield when Carlton Palmer was there
4182 Dave Penney's Black & White Army Little bit old this one as Colin Todd now in charge Lista de reprodução
4189 We Love You Darlo We do Lista de reprodução
4417 The Quakers Darlo Anthem Lista de reprodução
4734 Wooo! The bizarre ones are the best Lista de reprodução
5176 Na, Na Darlo Come on Darlo Lista de reprodução
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5272 Barry Conlon Is A W*nker What a tosser Lista de reprodução
5286 You're Not Singing Anymore All gone quiet over there Lista de reprodução
5633 Shall We Sing A Song For You Darlo offering their services to the opposition
5836 Come In A Taxi Why did they bother, poor away support Lista de reprodução
5987 Penny Army mit song
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