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104 Hartlepool Músicas & amp; Cantos de futebol

The 'pool sing loud and proud

2530 Man In A Jacket Having a go at the stewards Playlist
2909 We're Poolies Nothing further to add Playlist
3115 And It's Hartlepool Old favourite Hartlepool football chant. Playlist
5142 Shall We Sing A Song For You? Rely on us to make some noise Playlist
5453 Duh Duh Duh Duh Richie Barker Good one for yer ringtone! Playlist
6482 Danny Give Us A Wave C'mon gis a wave Playlist
6942 Get A Proper Job Sang to ten bob an hour stewards who need to get a life Playlist
7886 Sing Yer Hearts Out For The Lads Good rousing football chant Playlist
8285 Do The Godwin Antwi Hope you all doing it
8299 Just A Little Boy I love guns
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8790 We All Hate Leeds Scum Hate them to a man
9262 We're Gonna Win The Cup Sang this at Johnsons Paint Playlist
9735 What The Hell Was That De, de, de, de, f*ckin' useless Playlist
9877 Championship Hilarious. Sung to Leeds last time we were there. Lucky! Playlist
10125 Easy Sang after the 3-0 win at Darlo Arena Playlist
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