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90 Lincoln Músicas & amp; Cantos de futebol

The Lincolnshire Poachers loud and proud

4201 A Team Of Musselwhite Sung in tune to 'yellow submarine'
4224 Big Fat Yorkshire B*stards Big fat b*stard
4763 The Referee's A W*nker Nuff said
4790 We've Been Known To Score A Goal Sung during Suttons reign
5355 We All Hate Leeds Scum Aimed at leeds united
5780 Pride Of Lincolnshire Amen
5996 Oh When The Imps keep it slow and loud
6328 Chim Chimney Imps havin' a go at Mansfield
6869 Nick Nack Paddywack Aimed at Boston
7405 City Till I Die Lincoln Classic City Till I Die.
  Premier League Betting
7514 Your Support Sung towards teams with cr*p support
8545 I Was Born In The Clanford End Old Classic
8573 Who's That Tw*t In The Silly Hat Avin a go at Sodje Burys central defender
8626 Stink Of Fish Funny imps song havin' dig @ smelly Mariners!
9098 We're The Worst Fans Sung after Ben Hutchinson made comments about the home fans
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